Upcoming AAS Events

22 Nov 2014 6:00 PM • Canyon of the Eagles, Eagle Eye Observatory
03 Dec 2014 5:00 PM • Bertha Sadler Means YWLA
05 Dec 2014 6:00 PM • Mansfield Park Drive, Austin, TX near RR 620 and the dam
13 Dec 2014 6:00 PM • Canyon of the Eagles, Eagle Eye Observatory
20 Dec 2014 6:00 PM • Canyon of the Eagles, Eagle Eye Observatory

Questar 3.5 with Sony NEX-5N at prime focus ISO 200 for 1/60 sec. Deconvolved in Lynkeos, final adjustments in Photoshop. The plane is about 75 miles away.
Image of the Month - Rob Pettengill
Jet gets a close view of Solar Eclipse

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The Moon Stick - fun with an astronomical slide rule

Analog astronomical computation has a long history. This isn’t as sophisticated as the 2200 year old Antikythera mechanism, but it’s still pretty cool and works when the power is off. The Moon Stick is an analog computer with 6 triangular slides that can calculate the phases of the moon for any date up to 8000 years in the past or future. The 4 digits of the year are set sequentially, followed by the month. The moon phases are read off across from the days of the month. This image shows the moon phases for December 2014.

 Austin Clear Sky Chart  Eagle Eye Observatory Clear Sky Chart

The Sky This Month
by Rob Pettengill

Deep sky observers should check out Brian Cuthbertson's Observing Targets 

Fall is a great time for DSOs if you head out of town at a site like Eagle Eye Observatory

There's lot's to see from urban skies as well, Late November will feature Jupiter rising in time for late evening viewing.

Solar System Events
 Last Quarter Moon 14
 Leonids Meteor Shower 17-18
 New Moon 22
 First Quarter Moon 29
 Full Moon 6
 Geminid Meteor Shower 13-14
 Last Quarter Moon 14
 New Moon 22
 Ursids Meteor Shower 22-23
 First Quarter Moon 29

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