Upcoming AAS Events

29 Apr 2015 7:30 PM • Wild Basin Preserve
30 Apr 2015 7:00 PM • HEB Central Market on North Lamar
01 May 2015 7:00 PM • Belterra Community Recreation Center
08 May 2015 7:30 PM • UT Austin Campus ETC Building Rm 2.136
16 May 2015 6:00 PM • Canyon of the Eagles, Eagle Eye Observatory
23 May 2015 6:00 PM • Canyon of the Eagles, Eagle Eye Observatory

Go to http://www.astrobin.com/167339/C/ for technical information.Image of the Month - Anis Abdul 
M63 Sunflower Galaxy 

 Austin Clear Sky Chart  Eagle Eye Observatory Clear Sky Chart

The Sky This Month
by Rob Pettengill

Deep sky observers should check out Brian Cuthbertson's Observing Targets for April.

Lunar observers will be treated to the shortest total lunar eclipse of the century low in the western sky before sunrise on the morning of Saturday April 4th.

This is the third lunar eclipse in the 2014-2015 tetrad of four lunar eclipses spaced 6 months apart.  The first on April 15 2014 was visible in its entirety from Austin.  You can view a 4 minute time lapse of that event.

Solar System Events
 Full Moon - Total Lunar Eclipse 4
 Saturn 2 deg S of the Moon 8
 Last Quarter Moon 11
 New Moon 18
 Mercury 1.4 deg N of Mars 23
 First Quarter Moon 25
 Juno 0.1 deg N of the Moon 26
 Full Moon 3
 Saturn 2 deg S of Moon 5
 Last Quarter Moon 11
 New Moon 17
 First Quarter Moon 25

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