Austin Under The Stars

ASTRONOMY FOR THE PUBLIC — Austin Under The Stars is an annual special event, free to the public, offering a full experience of astronomical observation, including safe solar viewing. Hosted by the Austin Astronomical Society and St. Stephen's Episcopal School, the public is invited to join local astronomers who will be viewing our closest stellar neighbor, the Sun, in daytime skies, using solar telescopes and special protective filters on several telescopes. As the Sun slips below the horizon, our attention turns to the celestial wonders in the night skies.

The next Austin Under The Stars will be held on Saturday, July 25, 2015. Check back closer to the event for additional details about schedules and potential alternate dates in the event of wet or cloudy weather on the original date.

Austin Under the Stars attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and water and/or refreshments as well as telescopes and/or binoculars, if desired. Pets and smoking are not permitted on the observing field; nor is aerosol insect repellant and flash photography. The use of white light flashlights on the field is discouraged. "Astronomy-friendly flashlights" can easily be made by placing a square of red transparent film, available at any hobby shop, or even a couple of layers of red tissue paper fitted over the end of a flashlight works well and sealing with tape or a rubber band.

St. Stephens is located in West Austin, off Loop 360 at 6500 St. Stephens Drive. Turn west from Loop 360 onto Westlake Drive, which runs into St. Stephen's Drive. (See more directions and maps.) Public parking is available on campus.

The Austin Astronomical Society extends its thanks to St. Stephens and Frank Mikan, Science Department Chair and Observatory Director, for their generosity in hosting this public event. St. Stephens has maintained a strong commitment to the sciences. With Mr. Mikan as Science Department chair, St. Stephens' students now enjoy an on-site observatory complete with professional teaching-grade telescopes and other astronomy-related equipment. For more information, see the school's website.

AAS Telescope Field and Parking Area

This expanded view shows parking for AAS members as well as the telescope field. The Welcome Desk, Youth Activity Tables are normally located on the northwest corner of the Soccer field. Solar telescopes are typically located mid-field or to the south. If Mother Nature has other plans then this setup will also apply for the tentative rain date to be announced prior to the next AUTS event.

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