For amateur, non-retail sale or trade of astronomical related items.   Only AAS members can post items for sale.  Please report abuse. If you are an AAS member, and can not login to post a new item; please contact the administrator at  

All transactions are strictly between the buyer and seller.   The Austin Astronomical Society is purely a 3rd party that offers a forum for sellers and buyers to sell equipment--  we only provide the medium (our "for sale or swap" section) in which the two parties can interact.

To list, click on "reply" under the appropriate "topic" (Reflector, refractor, etc.).      If you want something or want to swap for something, please post it under that appropriate "topic".     If you sell one of several items listed, it would be good if you edit the reply, so that people do not contact you for a "sold" item.     If everything in the ad ("reply") is sold, then you can (and should!) delete the comment.   

Photos of the equipment listed cannot be posted to this page; however, it is good practice to have photos to send to interested buyers if asked.

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