Minutes of the Executive Committee - 6 September 2011

06 Sep 2011 9:36 PM | Anonymous member

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Joyce Lynch. Additionally present were; Tim Brown, Vice President; Dawn Davies, Outreach Chair; Mark Lyon, Treasurer; Jim Spigelmire, Communications Chair; Jim Linn, Member Services; Lauren Rogers, Secretary; Vic Ellisor and Mike Krzywonski, Members at Large, Jack Estes, ALCOR. A quorum was present.

Motion to approve minutes of July 31 made by Dawn Davies, seconded by Jim Spigelmire.

Tim Brown: October meeting presenter will be Terry Phillips.  Future presentation; Michael Brown (How I Killed Pluto and Why It Deserved It.)

Mark Lyon: About half and half, people are paying online with PayPal and cash/check; we have about 140 paid members right now.  Budget will be posted on the website.  Scope/equipment sales will be discussed/prepared by Vic. 

Jim Spigelmire: Tweaking will still be done on the logo colors before we print the banners.  We will be revamping the links page to specifically recognize “friends of AAS.”  We have been approved for the Google non-profit program account for web hosting/email/etc.  We are still moving some of the recurring items to blog format.

Equipment (report by Joyce): COE lock combinations.  Jim Chandler has a tool we can use to change them so that we don’t have to buy new locks.  We will email the new combination to all paid members in October or November, and it will be posted on the member side of the website.  Jim S. will work with Darron S. on this.  When the observatory lock is changed, that combination will not be emailed out to all trained members; that combination will have to be requested from Darin.  Sale of excess equipment: Vic, Darron and Mark will list the items on Cloudy Nights/Astromart/eBay. We are registered with the eBay non-profit site.  Anything that is at Wild Basin will stay there.

Jim Linn: There will not be a Practical Astronomy meeting this week, but the member services committee will meet to talk about the action plan for future PA meetings.  Mark Lyon has a form to use for the telescope loaner plan.  As Terry started the plan, he and member services will discuss this at the committee meeting and get back to the EC next month.

Dawn Davies: Outreach and communications will work together on prices and a plan for the merchandising.  For the most part, we would like to have people place orders online and have merchandise be shipped directly to them.  Friday’s meeting should have a good turnout; there’s a lot of publicity out there.  Wild Basin this coming Sunday, CenTex is a two-day event, but we may consider making it a one-day event in the future or perhaps a one day public and one day members only night.  Members only night is the 24th, and Women in Science Day is on the 25th at the Wildflower Center.  October: 1st star party with central market and Austin Planetarium will be there for Astronomy Day.  World Space Week is the 4th through the 10th.  8th is Observe the Moon night on the Pfuger bridge.  The holiday party is December 9th at Wild Basin. Oct/Nov/Dec meetings - food drive for fire victims. Wild Basin is ready for us to discuss dates for next year.  Cap on attendance is currently 60, though we may consider reducing this in cases of extreme heat/cold since we will have fewer scopes available. Connect-to-clubs directory has contacted us and placed us on their site.  Armadillo will charge us $40 to set up our logo (2 colors),  $4-6 per t-shirt (depending on color), and we will look at totes.  We can order banners/bumper stickers/ball caps/light jackets through them as well.

Old business: Austin Planetarium.  Jim S. moves that we bring up the $1000 contribution to corporate sponsorship at the GA meeting. We need to stress that this may be the future home of our meetings.  We can entertain IDA donations as well, but this is a different discussion.  Jack seconds the motion.

New business: COE – they are asking of notification of when someone fro AAS is there (regarding security, emergency contact, etc.)  Proposal is that we will agree to check in at the lodge or by calling in; COE will observe dark sky protocol when they know someone is on the field.  This will be discussed at the partners meeting on the 21st.  Other concerns that will be brought up: camping on the field and manning the observatory. We need an agreement for which party is responsible for what.

Agenda for 9/9/11: Vote on bylaws change, Planetarium proposal. Presentation of AL awards.

Next EC meeting 10/3/11.

Adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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