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The Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) is a club for people who are interested in any aspect of astronomy or the space sciences. We exist to provide a forum for like-minded individuals to share their love of the sky and their desire to explore it, both with other club members and with the public.

We are located in Austin, Texas, USA. At Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park and Resort on Lake Buchanan near Burnet, Texas, the Eagle Eye Observatory houses the larger telescopes owned by the Society and will allow us to expand and improve our public education efforts. As part of this project, we have sought and received IRS approval as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to the Society are tax-deductible.

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Profile of the Membership

The 300-plus members of the Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) come from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of special interests and levels of expertise. Some of our members earn their living as professionals in astronomy-related fields. Others are rank novices. All of our members are friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to share the wonders of the sky with others — with you!

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Dues and Benefits of Membership

Membership in the Austin Astronomical Society (AAS) is open to all. Individuals become eligible for Senior AAS Membership at age 65. Young people are eligible for Junior AAS Membership until age 18.

Dues.  Dues for household memberships are $40.00 per year. Dues for regular memberships are $25.00 per year. Dues for junior and senior memberships are $15.00 per year. These membership categories are defined in the bylaws of the society.   Dues may be prorated when you first join, in accordance with the bylaws.   To join the Society, see the printable AAS Membership Form.

Member dues provide the funds needed for ongoing maintenance and upgrades of Society equipment and facilities, including the dark-sky Eagle Eye Observatory. Dues also provide the funds needed to operate our website, conduct public and AAS member activities and events, and other similar expenses approved by the membership.

Benefits of Membership

  • AAS Website.  Society members have access to our website, which contains the latest information about Society activities and articles written by members.
  • AAS Yahoo Group.  AAS members are eligible to join the AAS Yahoo Group, established for communication and sharing among members. Persons who are not AAS members may not post to the Yahoo Group. For more information regarding the AAS Yahoo Group, contact us.
  • Mentoring Sessions.  AAS members new to astronomy may attend mentoring sessions to learn about astronomy, observing, telescopes, binoculars and other equipment.
  • Use of Facilities and Equipment.  AAS members have 24-hour access to the observing field at the Eagle Eye Observatory (EEO), may be certified to operate the EEO telescopes, and are entitled to use other AAS telescopes and equipment.
  • Optional Discounted Magazine Subscriptions.  Society members are entitled (but not required) to subscribe to Sky & Telescope , Astronomy , and/or Astronomy Technology Today magazines at reduced rates, which are available through this website after you become a member.  
  • Membership in the Astronomical League.  The AAS is a member society of the Astronomical League. As such, AAS members also receive the benefits of AL membership:
    • Receipt of the Astronomical League quarterly magazine, The Reflector;
    • Discounts on books and products ordered through the Astronomical League; and
    • Eligibility to participate in the many Astronomical League Observing Clubs. The observing clubs offer encouragement, certificates of accomplishment and award pins for demonstrating observing skills with a variety of instruments and objects.

    How to Join the AAS.  To join the Austin Astronomical Society, print, complete, and submit the AAS Membership Form.

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Austin Astronomical Society
P.O. Box 12831, Austin, TX 78711

email: contactaas@austinastro.org

Supporting members of the Astronomical League, Night Sky Network and International Dark Skies Association.

For any questions or more information about AAS - please email us at contactaas@austinastro.org.

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