Friday, Sep 9, 2011

10 Sep 2011 10:10 AM | Anonymous member
Friday, Sep 9, 2011
CoE Star Party
Darin & Dana Koch
Guests:  2.5

Building good, scopes working, phone and interenet not working.  I arrived a little early to re-align the Ealing's focuser's optical axis to the secondary center mark and recollimated the primary on Vega overhead to perfection.  Stars are very nice small dots once again.  I tried using Todd Hargis' Howie Glatter holographic laser to do it, but the grid pattern isn't all that great and only can be seen when Ealing is horizontal.  The primary can only be properly collimated if pointed straight up.

We had one young couple from Houston with a 2 mo. old baby boy in a car carrier.  Ranger Bill Gibson came first ahead of them.  I set up my bino mount outside and they got to see thru bino eyes.  Inside, we viewed the 95% waxing gibbous Moon, M13, M57, Double Double, M22, M31, think I glimpsed M101's supernova (very difficult to see any part of the galaxy glow due to moon glow), Jupiter thru binos.
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