Friday, Dec 9, 2011

10 Dec 2011 9:35 PM | Anonymous member
Friday, Dec 9, 2011
CoE Star Party
Darin & Dana Koch
Guests: 15

Phone, scopes working.
Internet not working.

We decided to call it a "go" last night even though the forecast called for 60% cloud cover, arrived at the gate around 7:16p.    I called the front desk to let them know we were there and guests began arriving.  I used the phone inside the observatory to call the front desk. We left around 10:00p when the north winds began to pick up, perfect timing.  I brought a small space heater and the guests enjoyed the warmth.  I turned it on only when I needed some relief, but really it wasn't too cold. I layered up.

We viewed only the full Moon and Jupiter.  Seeing was quite good on Jupiter.  Thin layer of clouds the whole time made a halo ring around the Moon.  Neat.  Not a moondog as I actually told people.  Moondogs are small crescents on either side of the moon.

The guests we had were on a couples' retreat and mostly military/Army from Fort Hood. Whoever opened the observatory last, left the north wall ropes untied and draped over one of the desk chairs.  Good grief.


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