Friday March 30, 2012

02 Apr 2012 10:48 PM | Anonymous member

Friday March 30, 2012

CoE Star Party

Darin Koch


Guests: 75

Grounds good, Harlan Smith working, Ealing not tracking well (must over-tighten RA clutch- but still drifts over time), internet working but slow (.48mbs down .07mbs up).  I took the Ealing finder eyepiece home with me to glue the stripped out threads as it crashed on the floor when a kid bumped into it.  I stuffed a rag in there to keep bugs out.  I hope to return it this Friday.

A very busy night with cub scouts with many ADD+D children.  Yes, they constantly were tugging at me to answer this, that, this, that, some kept moving and pushing the Harlan.  Had to reset it 6x within 1 hr.  

Mostly clear, seeing was kinda poor at 5/10. Some hight cirrus clouds, passed quickly.  Saw Venus, Jupiter, 1st qtr Moon, Mars, M42, M51, M81, Rigel, Saturn.  

Was about to close down and leave at 11:40p and a p/u came with a family of 6 who were camping (late arrival) and I treated them to views only thru the Ealing at the Moon, Mars, and Saturn.  One child was 5 yrs old in kindergarten and he looked 1st after I moved the scope without any words of the next object and he identified Saturn!  His parents were awestruck. They donated $5 to the kitty for keeping me late.

Left at 12:30a, temp 70º F.

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